Khaya Camper Basic


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Alu-Cab Khaya Camper Basic

There’s an old joke that asks: What is the best 4×4 on the market?

Answer: a rental vehicle.

Admittedly, the joke’s a bit stale these days, but love it or hate it, the humour does highlight the rigours of rental life. Imagine a vehicle that spends 80% of its life off-road, in remote regions, driven by people with very little mechanical sympathy, and very often, limited overland and/or 4×4-driving experience.

Well, that’s exactly what our campers endure every year – more than 5 million combined kilometres of remote African travel within the rental market. Needless to say, these journeys serve as the perfect trial and error field test – each of which shapes the development, durability, reliability, and of course, the user-friendliness of our campers.

Ultimately, this 16-year evolution has brought us to the 2-sleeper and 4-sleeper Khaya Campers. These drive-off units are designed to maintain your vehicle’s versatility, without compromising on creature comforts and functionality.

Boasting a starting dry weight of approximately 400 kg, the 2-sleeper Khaya does a great job of balancing functional cabin space with a compact exterior design that doesn’t prohibit access to remote campsites. Much of this is made possible thanks to the Khaya’s tried and trusted aluminium construction.

But the real gem is being able to park the Khaya, off your vehicle (at home or at your office) so that it’s ready to rock and roll for any adventure. With the Khaya, there are no boundaries to your freedom, no routes to worry about, and no trailers to hitch, just load up and hit the road!

Will suit most mid-sized DC (Shortbed) and XC (Long bed) pick-ups. Please enquire to see if the Khaya would suit your vehicle. (Note: Will not fit Jeep Gladiators) 


    • Basic unit which is carpeted
    • No internals
    • Wiring for lights with lights included
    • Wiring for Solar Preparation            
    • Canvas on Rear Door
    • Mounting kit
    • Mattress and Tent
      • Will suit most mid-sized DC (Shortbed) and XC (Long bed) pick-ups. Please enquire to see if the Khaya would suit your vehicle.


      Length (overall): 2800mm
      Height (overall roof closed): 1450mm
      Width (overall): 1850mm
      Height (overall, roof opened): 3100mm
      Dry weight / Fully kitted weight: Approx 400kg empty basic, 770kg


      Be mindful of the Khaya Roof packing load of 50kg. It is important to note that where the load is located on the Khaya roof, will determine how easy or difficult it is to open. It is always suggested to shift heavier loads towards the front of the tent, and much lighter loads, like a solar panel, to the rear.


      Not located near a Cap-it Dealer?  No problem!  Alu-Cab Khaya Campers are wrapped fully assembled and palleted, ready for transit to anywhere in Canada.

      *OVERSIZED PRODUCT: Freight Extra

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