Khaya 4 Sleeper Camper


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Alu-Cab Khaya Camper - 4 Sleeper

When it comes to building complete overland solutions for adventure explorers, for us, the Khaya 4 is our greatest build to date… and it took only 18 years to do. Well, to be precise, it took 2 years to develop, and about 18 years of hard-learnt lessons in the safari rental market. The result? The ultimate 4-sleeper camper that effortlessly balances comfort with real adventure capability.

Whether it’s a rocky trail you’re tackling, a deep sandy track, or a muddy wetland area, the Khaya 4 won’t hold you back or limit your adventures.

Thanks to collaborative efforts with several rental companies and overland tour operators, we’ve never been more convinced of the benefits of the Khaya 4’s frame – a combination of extruded and bent up components, made exclusively from lightweight, flexible, and corrosion-resistant aluminium.

But the thing we’re most proud of, is the Khaya 4’s incredible use of space. We’d like to remain modest about it, but it’s too impressive not to rave about. It took years to get the layout right, and now that it’s done, we can honestly say it’s the closest we’ve come to building the perfect overland solution. And that includes the million-dollar trucks we’ve built in the past. For some reason, the Khaya 4 just makes sense. It’s #OverlandEvolution at its best.

Here’s why…


The Khaya 4 is a drive-on / slide-off unit. Although the process to remove the camper may take about 45 minutes or so, at no point is the camper permanently attached to your vehicle. Which means that:

The functionality of your pick up is never compromised – you can still use it as a work horse vehicle, or as a daily driver.

Unlike permanent camper conversions that make it hard to re-sell your vehicle, the Khaya 4 won’t affect the re-sale value of your pickup.

Because we’ve designed the Khaya 4 to fit most mid size load beds around the world, the Khaya 4 can be moved from one vehicle to another or sold to a like-minded adventurer without him or her needing the same vehicle model.

You can park the Khaya 4 at your home or office, and leave it pre-packed and ready for your next impromptu holiday.


Unlike an off-road trailer that may be cumbersome off-road, hard to manoeuvre, heavy on gas, and restricting where you can travel, the Khaya 4 is a compact unit that has a nominal adverse affect your vehicle’s off-road abilities. In fact, in some ways the weight of the Khaya 4 offers additional traction on loose terrain.


Although the Khaya 4 is design for a family of four, it offers a remarkable use of space when it is used for just two people, especially when you consider that the design is made for a 5-foot load bed! What’s more, the Khaya 4 boasts more features than most dedicated camper vans.


Lastly, in typical Alu-Cab fashion, the Khaya 4’s roof (and tent) pops up in seconds; and because the bed also flips up, standing upright in the camper is a given.


Be mindful of the Khaya Roof packing load of 50kg. It is important to note that where the load is located on the Khaya roof, will determine how easy or difficult it is to open. It is always suggested to shift heavier loads towards the front of the tent, and much lighter loads, like a solar panel, to the rear.



  • 4 People



  • Electrical 220v charger
  • DC/DC Charger
  • Extension lead
  • 7 x LED dual colour lights and wiring loom – excludes battery


Will suit most mid-sized DC (Shortbed) and XC (Long bed) pick-ups. Please enquire to see if the Khaya would suit your vehicle. (Note: Will not fit Jeep Gladiators) 


4 Sleeper:
Main bed section:
2075mm x 1225mm
Rear bed section: 
1225mm x 430mm x 1340mm

Length (overall): 2859mm
Height (overall roof closed): 1483mm
Width (overall): 1850mm
Height (overall, roof opened – from base to highest point ): 2800mm
Dry weight / Fully kitted weight: Approx 400kg empty basic, 770kg


Not located near a Cap-it Dealer?  No problem!  Alu-Cab Khaya Camper are wrapped fully assembled and palleted, ready for transit to anywhere in Canada.


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We strive to offer the best in truck accessories and outdoor gear to enhance your adventures, and enjoyment of the journey.

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