270º Shadow Awning Storm Kit


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Alu-Cab 270º Shadow Awning Storm Kit

Alu-Cab have developed a new extra for our Shadow Awning, called the Storm Tie Down Kit.

This Kit has been designed for 2 main purposes, the first being additional anchorage in strong winds and stormy conditions, to better stabilize your Shadow Awning, the second is to prevent rain water pooling on your Shadow Awning canvas, which can cause sagging, instability and sub-optimal operation. It is simple and quick to setup/take down, as well as being small and light for transport/storage. A very simple and effective extra for your Shadow Awning, Built Tough against extreme weather conditions.

  • WEIGHT: 658 Grams
  • DIMENSIONS: L: 340mm W: 185mm H: 50


Cap-it is the Alu-Cab Exclusive Distributor for Western Canada
Made in South Africa 🇿🇦 | Imported direct to Canada 🇨🇦

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