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Hitchswing by Wilco Offroad

It’s all about options. We love options and do all we can to avoid being painted in a corner. The Hitchswing™ puts an exclamation point on making the back of your vehicle a freely accessed area once again.

The Hitchswing adds a secondary 2” receiver hitch mated to a swinging arm. Slide into the Hitchswing your favorite bike rack, cargo rack, or whatever-rack, pull the pin, and swing that entire load away from your vehicle. Boom! The rear hatch, tailgate or door is free again! Now you don’t have to decide between stuff on the hitch or accessing the cooler at the gas station again.

  • Hitch mounted bike racks are a godsend, but usually that means opening the rear for a trip to the local hardware store is mostly off limits or at least compromised.
  • Hitch mounted cargo racks are spectacular for family road trips, but usually that means waiting for 12 hours to get into the rear of the vehicle again.


  • Hitchswing features the same secondary receiver as our Hitchgate™ line, tow-rated at 7,500 lbs (max trailer weight) and 750 lbs (tongue weight). Not every trailer will be compatible with the full range of motion of the Hitchswing. Not every vehicle will have the same capacity as the Hitchswing. ALWAYS adhere to your vehicle’s maximum limits.
  • 30″ wide from hitch to pivot bolt, 3.5″ minimum depth from 1st hitch pin to back of support arm. 4.5″ to the next hitch pin hole. Hitchswing support arm sits at hitch height, rising only 2.5″ above the receiver. The swing-arm sits above the support arm approx. 6″.]
  • 4.5″ of clearance required from center of hitch pin hole rearward for it to be compliant with wedge lock system. You may need to relocate spare tire from underneath or modify to gain the necessary clearance.
  • WEIGHT LIMITS: The further your load extends from the Hitchswing, the lighter your load needs to be. If your load is within 3 feet(Or 18″ from hitch to center of load) of the Hitchswing, the max. load is 250lbs. If your load extends beyond 4 feet(Or 24″ from hitch to center of load), the limit drops to 150lbs. The further away the load is from Hitchswing the heavier the load is on it AND your vehicle.

Fitment Note: The Hitchswing is designed for off-road use. To improve departure angle the swinging receiver is tilted up 5 degrees and sits 5″ higher than the factory receiver.

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