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Wild Land Voyager Pro:
The Ultimate Mobile Bedroom for Adventurous Families

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Elevate your family adventures with the Voyager Pro—a fold-out style hard shell roof tent designed for all-purpose escapades by Wild Land. Crafted with precision and innovation, this mobile haven redefines comfort and convenience for families of up to 4-5 seeking the perfect camping experience.

Key Features

  • Roomy Space: Enjoy expansive accommodation, ideal for a family getaway, with a panoramic 360° view for an immersive outdoor experience.
  • Protection Upgrade: Benefit from enhanced protection against the elements with an aluminum hard shell, providing sturdiness and durability, enduring up to 300kg (661lbs) with ease.
  • Patented WL-Tech Fabric: Experience superior breathability and moisture resistance with self-developed fabric technology, preventing condensation and ensuring a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Full View: Revel in the outdoor beauty with a design that offers a clear 360 ° view—bringing the outdoors inside.
  • Folding Design: Effortlessly set up or fold down the tent, ensuring convenience and ease during your camping adventures.
  • Telescopic Alu Ladder: Included for easy access, built to endure 150kg (331lbs) and allowing for seamless entry and exit.
  • Great Sleeping Experience: Delight in a restful sleep with a 5cm (2 inches) high-density mattress and a soft peach skin cover for added comfort.

WL-tech Fabric

Apply high-polymer active moisture-wicking film technology for better ventilation.
Excellent static water pressure and surface moisture resistance.
Effectively prevent the occurrence of condensation.


  • Size: Suitable for most any 4x4 vehicle, offering a 30cm (11.8 inches) thickness when closed down.
  • Inner Space: Spacious enough for up to 4-5 persons, providing ample room for family camping.
  • Cargo Capacity: A neat aluminum hard shell pack that supports up to 70kgs (154lbs) of additional cargo on top.
  • Enhanced Protection: A large eave for excellent rain protection and an outer fly with full dull silver coating and UPF50+ for added protection.
  • Storage Solutions: Two big shoe pockets on both sides of the front door for convenient storage.

Size - Voyager Pro 140

Inner Tent Size 230x130x110cm (90.55x51.18x43.31in)
Closed Size 147x124x27cm (57.87x48.82x10.63in) exclude the ladder
Packing Size 158x135x32cm (62.20x53.15x12.60in)
Net weight Tent: 53kg (116.84lbs) + Ladder: 6kg (13.23lbs)
Capacity 2-3 persons


Size - Voyager Pro 160

Inner Tent Size 230x160x110cm (90.55x62.99x43.31in)
Closed Size 174x124x27cm (68.50x48.82x10.63in) exclude the ladder
Packing Size 185x134x32cm (72.83x52.76x12.60in)
Net weight Tent: 55kg (121.25lbs) + Ladder: 6kg (13.23lbs)
Capacity 3-4 persons


Size - Voyager Pro 250

Inner Tent Size 230x200x110cm (90.55x78.74x43.31in)
Closed Size 214x126x27cm (84.25x49.61x10.63in) exclude the ladder
Packing Size 225x134x32cm (88.58x52.76x12.60in)
Net weight Tent: 66kg (145.51lbs) + Ladder: 6kg (13.23lbs)
Capacity 4-5 persons


The Voyager Pro is not just a tent; it's your family's gateway to unforgettable adventures, combining durability, comfort, and innovation for your most cherished moments in the great outdoors.

Tent Capacity

Family Roof Top Tent Wild Land

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