Utility-80 HD


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Utility-80 HD
by Lazer Lamps - Made in the UK 🇬🇧

A new addition to the Utility Series product range in 2023, the Utility-80 HD (Heavy-Duty) builds on our reputation for high performance LED work light solutions. The product is specifically designed and engineered for the rigorous demands of industrial applications including: mining, construction, forestry, and agriculture.

Comprising 4x premium-bin 20W LEDs, the Utility-80 HD emits 8,940 raw lumens harnessed through the ultra-reflective, vacuum-metallised optics redesigned for this product to give even better distribution of light over a greater area. For customers looking for flexibility and easy control over the intensity of light, a version of the product with a variable brightness function is available, providing the machine operator the option to increase or decrease the lamps brightness at the touch of a button.

The colour of light for both variants of 80 HD is set at 5000K, carefully selected to improve safety through maximising definition of objects and hazards ahead, while reducing fatigue that can come from using products with a higher colour temperature.

Product Features

  • ECE approved work light
  • Utilising 4 high-density 20W LEDs
  • Variable brightness option available
  • CAE optimised cooling system with Electronic Thermal Management
  • 5000k colour temperature
  • Vacuum-metallised optics for superior light utilisation
  • Die-cast, heavy-duty mounting bracket made from 7mm stainless steel
  • ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens with hardcoat
  • Automotive grade corrosion resistance
  • EMC protected- CISPR:25 (Class 3)
  • IP68 / IP69k approved
  • Over voltage protected
  • Reverse polarity protected
  • Includes male/female Deutsch connectors
  • Comprehensive range of lens covers available
  • 5year warranty
  • Made in the UK

Based on: 1x Utility-80 HD LED Work Lamp.

Voltage Range (DC) 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Colour Temperature 5,000K
Weight 1.1kg
Total Luminous Flux 8940 Lm
Colour Temperature 5000K
Number of High Output LEDs 4
Power Consumption 80 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 5.6 Amps
Work Lamp  ECE R10 
IP Rating IP68 / IP69K
Salt Spray Test ISO 9227 (2000H)
EMC Protection CISPR-25 (Class 3)
Vibration (BS EN 60068) 10Hz > 1000Hz, 0.14>20 (m/s²)²/Hz
Operating Temperature -40deg C ... +90degC 
Width 107mm
Depth 108mm
Height 107mm
1Lx Line @ 96m
5Lx Line @ 44m
20Lx Line @ 23m
50Lx Line @  14m*

* - 50 Lux represents HSE guidelines for effective illumination when working outdoors at night.

What's Included

  • 1x Utility-80 HD Work Lamp
  • 1x Lamp Mount (supplied attached to lamp)

Utility-80 HD

Utility-80 HD

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