Tacoma | Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover

C08 4145-451

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Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover


  • 2024+ Toyota Tacoma (GEN4)
  • 2016-2023 Toyota Tacoma (GEN3)

Available models:

  • Cap-it® X-Type
  • Truxedo Pro X15
  • Truxedo LoPro QT

We've combined the best from Truxedo LoPro QT & Truxedo Pro X15 and made it our own.  Introducing the Cap-it X-Type Tonneau Cover.

Designed for Adventure® by Cap-it 🇨🇦 | Manufactured by Truxedo 🇺🇸

A 15 degree rails deliver an Xtra-low profile, flush-mount look on the truck bed, and a heavy-duty construction and the patented automatic tension control keeps the cover looking great in any weather condition.  The X-Type mounts inside the rails of the truck bed, providing full access to stake pocket holes for use with additional accessories. 


  • Xtra Low Profile - X-Type rails provide a distinctive flush mount look, and include a unique self-leveling design feature allowing for a faster, more accurate installation.
  • Industrial Grade Leather Grain - Made of the highest quality material, this tear resistant fabric is constructed to help protect your cargo from the harshest of elements.
  • Automatic Tension Control - Patented design allows the cover to maintain a tight fit and great looks in extreme temperatures and all weather conditions.
  • Quick-Release System - The entire cover can be removed in seconds, without tools, providing true, 100% full bed access.
  • Easy Operation - The anodized trigger latch requires only one finger to open the cover. Roll the cover closed with ease to securely store and secure your cargo.

Soft Rolling Tonneau Cover model comparison chart:

Cap-it® X-Type Truxedo Pro X15 Truxedo LoPro QT
Price $795.00 Best Value $859.99
Finish Vinyl Grain
Matte Black Vinyl Grain
Material Vinyl Vinyl Vinyl
Features Xtra Low Profile Xtra Low Profile Low Profile 
Tension Control Automatic
Automatic Self Adjusting
Quick-Release System Yes
Yes No
Installation No Drill No Drill No Drill
Warranty Limited-Lifetime Limited-Lifetime Limited-Lifetime
Country or Origin Made in the USA Made in the USA Made in the USA

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