Trail Swing HD - Hitch Mounted Spare Tire Carrier


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  • Designed to mount up to a 40" tire. Height adjustable 1/4" steel tire mount.
  • True HD. ¬†Available to mount in 2", 2.5" or 3" tow hitch receivers.
  • Auto latching hinge locator¬†locks the arm in 3 open positions. The locator pin slides along a stainless steel plate with 3 hole positions. The locator pin can also be set to a free swing position. Keep your hands free and avoid the hassle of manually placing pins in the hinge.¬†
  • Built in Mounting Points, mount your rotopax and license plate straight to the swing arm.¬†Mount a Front Runner table with our Table mounts.¬†Our Hi-Lift jack mount is on it's way.
  • 1,000 lb. rated latch to keep your gear secure.
  • Stainless steel safety pin¬†This 12mm diameter pin will keep the arm secured and rattle free even if the latch is accidentally opened.
  • Anti wobble hitch mechanism keeps the tire swing from rattling in your vehicle tow hitch.
  • Bottle opener is attached to the safety pin lanyard.
  • Multiple mounting points.¬†The vertical and horizontal 3/16" plates are laser cut with multiple holes to enable you to easily mount your own accessories with m14 and m12 nuts and bolts.
  • Wheel/Tire Mount. Everything you need to mount your spare tire.¬†Lug nuts and wheel studs included. Top wheel stud is welded on for ease of installation.
  • Integrated License Plate Mount.¬†Comes with an integrated license plate mount.
  • License Plate Light.¬†Yes, it comes with a light!
  • Trail¬†Bracket.¬†Mount your rotopax and other accessories behind or on the side of the tire! You can mount one on the rear and side at the same time for 2 rotopax.¬†Additional Cost
  • Accessory Hitch.¬†The accessory hitch bolts on with no modification to allow mounting of tow hitch accessories such as bike racks.¬†This accessory hitch bolts on using 4 large M12 bolts (same diameter as your lug nuts) so you know it's sturdy! It also has a built in anti rattle system. Additional Cost
  • Seamless Integration.¬†The Trail Bracket, Accessory Hitch, and Fold down table were designed¬†in unison. You can use all 3 at the same time!¬†


  • 2.0" .120 wall chromoly tubing for added strength and style. Chromoly has a higher strength to weight ratio than hot rolled and cold rolled steel tube. These parallel chromoly tubes are plated with 3/16" steel for added strength.
  • 2" Tow hitch receiver. Mounted up high for off road clearance using 1/4" steel. Tow up to 10,000 lbs GTW
  • Dirtcom EPDM rubber pad will add extra strength and support. We located this directly under the tire to relieve stress on the hinge¬†to withstand rough off road conditions. Strategically placed rubber stoppers are placed throughout to absorb vibration and keep your tire carrier rattle free.
  • Tire Mount. The tire is tilted to move the center of gravity over the hitch. Also it just looks better. The 1/4" steel used in the tire mount will ensure a strong, long lasting mount. Offered in multiple lug patterns. The wheel studs and included lug nuts are M12x1.5.


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