The Price of My Dream, the Cap-it Story


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The Price of My Dream
The Cap-it Story by Hank Funk, Founder/CEO

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All too often, books on business speak about great successes but seldom on the difficulties and the price some people pay to accomplish their dreams.
This book tells of such a storyβ€”one man learning the ways of self-reliance through the wilderness of business and coping with failure.
The Cap-it story began with a dream of building a chain of franchise truck accessory stores throughout North America. It seduced Hank Funk with thoughts of grandeur, but soon would shake him with fear.
This obsession with success spread over 27 years and tested his faith and took him through a spiritual pilgrimage of asking questions. Man has his plans, and God has His plans, and man’s plans don’t matter. How do you blend business laws with Gods laws?

The Price of My Dream is a book about building a large company and following a personal dream. All too often, books on business speak about great successes but seldom on the difficulties and the price some people pay to accomplish their dreams.

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's review
It was amazing
One of the best business books I have been fortunate to read! The book was extremely hard to put down and the story told itself through Hank Funk's eyes. The inspiration and thrill of his journey can motivate anyone from his true account of constant and never-ending improvement.

The author, theme, style of writing, and genre all blended together to make a book that I would highly recommend. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it has everything I believe a book should have.

Hank Funk is just one of those authors that can somehow take his life story and make it to where people want to read it with vivid language and details. He paints an image in your mind of exactly what is going on. Not only was this book a good read but it also included lessons that aren’t just relevant in entrepreneurship but also about life.
's review

This is one of those books that you have to have on your bookshelf. Hank Funk is a great example of a man with very strong values and principles, despite all of the success and failures Funk never sacrificed his core values.

If I had to summarize the book into top three lessons, this is what it would look like:

1. Become passionate about learning. Hank Funk learned so much from people around him, his co-workers, and from all his competition and it was one of the key elements of his success.

2. Take action first and a lot of things will fall into place. We always think about preparing ourselves perfectly for a situation before we take any action in it. However, if you look at Hank Funk'sΒ story, he usually learned by taking action.

3. Be ready to experiment until it works. Most of what Cap-it did in the early stages was trial and error until they got the right formula. So the lesson here is never expected things to go perfect from the first try, persist until you get it right!

There's much more in the book and these are just my top 3 things. Hank Funk is a great inspiration and I consider myself fortunate to be able to get access to his book, it's really amazing.



's review

Fantastic book! I would recommend this to anybody who wants to start their own business or reach any big goal.
Forget about the politics of the company right now. To get too focused on that is to miss out on a book full of wisdom by an interesting, humble character.
There are lessons one can learn here about both business and life in general, and it's all written in a very simple style that flows easily and is a pleasure to read. I really didn't know what to think when I picked up this book. I needed to learn more about business and needed a break from textbooks, so I decided to try it. I am so glad I did.
Excellent book.

's review

Like other biographies, sometimes the story is lost in the author's thoughts. In the case of Hank Funk, that's great because you can see how his minds work. He talks a lot about Cap-it and its philosophy, which is closely connected to his own.

The insights in this book will help those who are building a business or simply pursuing a life's dream. As a start-up entrepreneur, it resonates so well with me. It is packed with priceless wisdom, powerful information, and profound business precepts; giving me an extra oomph and the kick in the butt I didn’t realize I needed. Everyone could benefit from and be inspired by the stories and insights behind Cap-it's success. However, for entrepreneurs, this book should be extremely useful; for aspiring entrepreneurs, it should prove invaluable.

's review
Read 2 times

This is one of the greatest "business" biographies I have ever read!
I am not normally a nonfiction reader. However, I devoured this book! I could not put it down. Hank Funk is an amazing storyteller.

The book is all about how Cap-it was started and how it has grown to where it is today. He talks about their faith, how they incorporate that into their business, and how it affects their decisions.
Cap-it is a store I frequently visit and so being able to read about it and to see how it all started was very interesting. I also want to start my own business, so it definitely left me feeling inspired and empowered.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to start their own business, it is very inspirational, and it shows that anything is possible.


's review

I genuinely enjoyed reading this book!

I mainly liked this book because of Hank's informal style of writing. It’s easy to comprehend and it lacks all of the formal bogus that many business books entail. Secondly, I enjoyed this read because it contains many great retail pointers. As a young entrepreneur, I can appreciate any advice I can get on the retail market without paying loads of money. Hank includes an abundant amount of advice about what got Cap-it to where it is today.

I would recommend The Price of My Dream: The Cap-it Story to just about anybody, regardless of whether or not they are interested in entering the world of business. Aside from all of the exceptional business tips the book entails, it is inspiring to read about a real Canadian success story.


's review

I love this store! To really get an inside look about where it started and how things are run is what this book is all about. I love seeing the details of the business side of things and am so happy I picked up this book to read!Β 

It was incredibly well-written to keep me interested, unlike some business books that can bore you to tears. This book had a good balance of business mixed with interesting facts and background about the founder, Hank Funk. I will never be able to walk into another Cap-it the same after reading this book. This book gave me a great perspective of the operation overall and gave me even more reason to support such an incredible company. I give this book 5 stars!

's review

I rarely read the same book twice, but I'm going to do just that with this book. In fact, I'm considering reading it once a month until everything in it is ingrained in my consciousness. Why?Β 

Because this book has the lessons I need in my business, right now. I'm in the midst of hiring my core team that is going to help us grow. I've gone through, and continue to go through, many of the challenges faced by Hank, albeit with fewer zeros on the ends of all the numbers.

This book has definitely made it into my top 10 books on all entrepreneur's must-read lists. I only give five stars to books that I believe everyone should read. This book isn't a must-read for everyone, but if you're an entrepreneur it has five stars for you.

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