The Price of My Dream, the Cap-it Story


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The Price of My Dream
The Cap-it Story by Hank Funk, Founder/CEO

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All too often, books on business speak about great successes but seldom on the difficulties and the price some people pay to accomplish their dreams.
This book tells of such a story—one man learning the ways of self-reliance through the wilderness of business and coping with failure.
The Cap-it story began with a dream of building a chain of franchise truck accessory stores throughout North America. It seduced Hank Funk with thoughts of grandeur, but soon would shake him with fear.
This obsession with success spread over 27 years and tested his faith and took him through a spiritual pilgrimage of asking questions. Man has his plans, and God has His plans, and man’s plans don’t matter. How do you blend business laws with Gods laws?

The Price of My Dream is a book about building a large company and following a personal dream. All too often, books on business speak about great successes but seldom on the difficulties and the price some people pay to accomplish their dreams.

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's review
It was amazing
One of the best business books I have been fortunate to read! The book was extremely hard to put down and the story told itself through Hank Funk's eyes. The inspiration and thrill of his journey can motivate anyone from his true account of constant and never-ending improvement.

The author, theme, style of writing, and genre all blended together to make a book that I would highly recommend. I rate this book a 5 out of 5 stars because it has everything I believe a book should have.

Hank Funk is just one of those authors that can somehow take his life story and make it to where people want to read it with vivid language and details. He paints an image in your mind of exactly what is going on. Not only was this book a good read but it also included lessons that aren’t just relevant in entrepreneurship but also about life.
's review

This is one of those books that you have to have on your bookshelf. Hank Funk is a great example of a man with very strong values and principles, despite all of the success and failures Funk never sacrificed his core values.

If I had to summarize the book into top three lessons, this is what it would look like:

1. Become passionate about learning. Hank Funk learned so much from people around him, his co-workers, and from all his competition and it was one of the key elements of his success.

2. Take action first and a lot of things will fall into place. We always think about preparing ourselves perfectly for a situation before we take any action in it. However, if you look at Hank Funk's story, he usually learned by taking action.

3. Be ready to experiment until it works. Most of what Cap-it did in the early stages was trial and error until they got the right formula. So the lesson here is never expected things to go perfect from the first try, persist until you get it right!

There's much more in the book and these are just my top 3 things. Hank Funk is a great inspiration and I consider myself fortunate to be able to get access to his book, it's really amazing.



's review

Fantastic book! I would recommend this to anybody who wants to start their own business or reach any big goal.
Forget about the politics of the company right now. To get too focused on that is to miss out on a book full of wisdom by an interesting, humble character.
There are lessons one can learn here about both business and life in general, and it's all written in a very simple style that flows easily and is a pleasure to read. I really didn't know what to think when I picked up this book. I needed to learn more about business and needed a break from textbooks, so I decided to try it. I am so glad I did.
Excellent book.

's review

Like other biographies, sometimes the story is lost in the author's thoughts. In the case of Hank Funk, that's great because you can see how his minds work. He talks a lot about Cap-it and its philosophy, which is closely connected to his own.

The insights in this book will help those who are building a business or simply pursuing a life's dream. As a start-up entrepreneur, it resonates so well with me. It is packed with priceless wisdom, powerful information, and profound business precepts; giving me an extra oomph and the kick in the butt I didn’t realize I needed. Everyone could benefit from and be inspired by the stories and insights behind Cap-it's success. However, for entrepreneurs, this book should be extremely useful; for aspiring entrepreneurs, it should prove invaluable.

's review
Read 2 times

This is one of the greatest "business" biographies I have ever read!
I am not normally a nonfiction reader. However, I devoured this book! I could not put it down. Hank Funk is an amazing storyteller.

The book is all about how Cap-it was started and how it has grown to where it is today. He talks about their faith, how they incorporate that into their business, and how it affects their decisions.
Cap-it is a store I frequently visit and so being able to read about it and to see how it all started was very interesting. I also want to start my own business, so it definitely left me feeling inspired and empowered.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to start their own business, it is very inspirational, and it shows that anything is possible.


's review

I genuinely enjoyed reading this book!

I mainly liked this book because of Hank's informal style of writing. It’s easy to comprehend and it lacks all of the formal bogus that many business books entail. Secondly, I enjoyed this read because it contains many great retail pointers. As a young entrepreneur, I can appreciate any advice I can get on the retail market without paying loads of money. Hank includes an abundant amount of advice about what got Cap-it to where it is today.

I would recommend The Price of My Dream: The Cap-it Story to just about anybody, regardless of whether or not they are interested in entering the world of business. Aside from all of the exceptional business tips the book entails, it is inspiring to read about a real Canadian success story.


's review

I love this store! To really get an inside look about where it started and how things are run is what this book is all about. I love seeing the details of the business side of things and am so happy I picked up this book to read! 

It was incredibly well-written to keep me interested, unlike some business books that can bore you to tears. This book had a good balance of business mixed with interesting facts and background about the founder, Hank Funk. I will never be able to walk into another Cap-it the same after reading this book. This book gave me a great perspective of the operation overall and gave me even more reason to support such an incredible company. I give this book 5 stars!

's review

I rarely read the same book twice, but I'm going to do just that with this book. In fact, I'm considering reading it once a month until everything in it is ingrained in my consciousness. Why? 

Because this book has the lessons I need in my business, right now. I'm in the midst of hiring my core team that is going to help us grow. I've gone through, and continue to go through, many of the challenges faced by Hank, albeit with fewer zeros on the ends of all the numbers.

This book has definitely made it into my top 10 books on all entrepreneur's must-read lists. I only give five stars to books that I believe everyone should read. This book isn't a must-read for everyone, but if you're an entrepreneur it has five stars for you.

's review
Read 2 times

I found the book to be an interesting read. While I have no desire to be an entrepreneur, I'm always curious why those at the top make some of the decisions they do, especially when they seem to make no sense at all, and this provided a small peek into that process. Even working at a large corporation that's fairly stable I can see where some of Hank's advice is still highly relevant, such as hiring for strength rather than lack of weakness, the importance of training your staff, and how to minimize company politics.

If you’re aspiring to be a CEO, are interested in entrepreneurship or starting your own business, currently work at a startup, or enjoy peeking behind the curtain at how some businesses operate, then you'll likely gain a lot from reading this book. For everyone else, your mileage will vary.

's review

Before I read this book, I had set some great expectations for it, as it was highly recommended by a friend. It was one of a handful of books that met their expectations: It was truly amazing and enjoyable!

The Price of My Dream: The Cap-it Story is a book filled with wisdom and core principles about the business which are as equally valuable today as it was back then. Hank was a big believer in self-reliance, simplicity, and honest hard work. While most of the other businessmen in his industry were chasing revenue, Hank Funk was focusing on service and developing a good product that would be available for everyone. Entrepreneurs today can learn a lot from this.

's review

This book will help one tap into the business owners' minds and some sage advice on success and failure in the business world. 

"Never franchise your business concept unless you have a great idea. A concept that others haven’t thought of. Something that sets you apart from everyone else. Choose something that most people want and need. Then make sure you have a lot of money, an MBA degree, and lots of business connections."

I support at least 90% of what he is saying, and I truly believe that there can be no progress without work, or just for the sake of progress. So if you want to learn a little more about his life and the intriguing way he started and building Cap-it, please read this book.

's review

This is a surprisingly great book!

I was entertained all along with dry witty English humor, but also inspired and motivated to seek excellence and be wise and never stop trying.

In his book, he shows you all the circumstances in his life that helped create him and the thinking behind all of his decisions, even as a boy, which helped him achieve greatness.

This is what I think is most valuable--you get a really good tutorial on what your mentality should be like if you want to succeed. It's no wonder he succeeded. It was only a matter of time thanks to his attitude, ability to network, work ethic, and perseverance.

I'm keeping this in my home library and will encourage my kids to read when they're teenagers.

's review
Read 2 times

This book should have been a bestseller. It started slow and maybe boring, but it gets very engaging quickly. There are a lot of things to learn from this book, how to think differently, the brilliant way of making new things, chasing your dreams, and many other amazing themes.

As an entrepreneur, I was intrigued by this book. While I run a small business, I know how difficult it can be to see past the crisis in front of me. I’m always looking for ways to learn from others’ mistakes. Hank's experiences, while vastly different from my own, gave me insight and wisdom. Not since first reading Donald Trump in my freshman year, have I read such a life-changing and inspiring business book. There’s a lot of truth in The Price of my Dream but the biggest takeaways for me has to be balancing home and work life. A brilliant book and one I recommend to every single business owner and entrepreneur.

's review
Read 2 times

'Failure, as much as it hurts, is an important part of life. In fact, failure is necessary. I’m not talking about small failures; I’m talking about the kind of failures that rock your world, completely altering the landscape of your relationships, finances, and mental well-being. For those that have known true failure, and have bounced back from it, understand that failure is necessary for success.'

The mini advice chapters go right to the point. All in all, a fine accomplishment and should be welcomed by struggling businesses everywhere.

Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, this book needs to be within reach. Written with clarity and authority, the writer’s vast experience is evident yet his approach is respectful, helpful, and even reverent. His straightforward advice is coupled with interesting and sometimes harrowing anecdotes. Bravo for providing unique insight and helpful strategies to assist flailing businesses to move forward.

's review
Read 2 times

So good! Great insight into Hank Funk's brain, how he thinks and works. Lots of great ideas to implement into your own business!

If I look from the reader's perspective, then this is one of the books with the finest storytelling and riveting to the core. I have enjoyed every bit of it. The book is very fast-paced and honesty is a little trivial at times.

Hank is one of the great entrepreneurs of our era, and it was truly inspiring to hear his story in his own words. A kid who skipped college and dove straight into business, and time and time again proved he can succeed with a lot of will, determination, and his maverick ability to take big shots and win. Hank's success is nothing short of inspirational.

I would recommend this book earnestly to everyone.

's review
Read 2 times

A lot of CEOs have written or had written for them, biographies extolling their extraordinary lives, their struggles to reach the top, the secrets of their incredible business acumen. Very few of them have ever made as much money as Hank Funk, and none of them ever had so much fun with it.

The Price of my Dream is a truly interesting read since I have to do a project on Canadian businessmen for my university work - I didn’t expect him to be a motivating and well-thought-of person. However, his leadership skills and qualities along with his motivation to constantly help people and to make everything better including the world, and also his constant ideas of business make him an entirely fascinating man.

The world needs more people like him! After reading this, I was left in deep introspection with an inspired sense of energy. We often get stuck in habit loops and comfortable patterns, but by exploring relentlessly, there's so much we can do and achieve! We only need to stop giving excuses, get up, and just do it!

's review

There are lessons for everyone in this well-written splendid book.

It was the best storytelling of an autobiography. He could've gone about it in the typical fashion considering the entire book is about how he built his own business at a young age but, he tells it in a more personalized way that you feel like you're there with him when all those events take place.

His personality shines through in the way the book is written.

As the modern age idealizes entrepreneurs working 20 hours a day, this story of an entrepreneur balancing family life with work and making the best of both worlds is an absolute gem. There is something for everyone to learn from this book. His life reflects on how simple things such as writing and talking to people can do wonders. In the end, life is not about becoming a billionaire, but experiencing and trying new stuff.

's review
Read 2 times

Hank Funk's book doesn't just illustrate an enterprising career, but also an interesting and fulfilling life. Certainly, it is proof that one doesn't just establish a retailing company like Cap-it without also having the balls to live life to the fullest.

The first half of the book goes into the details and the choices that he made to get to where he is today, and the second half elaborates on the unique challenges that he faced as the competitive landscape and the growth of other companies challenged Cap-it—- leading to the resulting mission and ideals that Cap-it is trying to stay true today.

A good read and a great peek into one of the most entrepreneurial minds!

's review

What I learned from this book is that business, if approached the right way, can lead to a FUN and exciting life.

Hank Funk exemplifies better than anyone what happens when you combine the passion to follow what you love with the determination to get it materialized no matter what.

From reading his autobiography, he seems a humble man, grounded despite his tremendous success. Respectful, open-minded, and with the courage to live. Life to the fullest unlike 99.99% of the population.

Relationships have a major role in the book - a good testament that the journey is more important than the destination. Hank does not preach the laws of business, he just shares how he has done it and hopes we can get a glimpse of what ingredients have made the difference.

Overall, this is an inspiring and wonderfully enjoyable read and I will happily recommend it to anyone.

's review
The book for people who want to open their own service/business.

These five key points I learned after reading his book.
1. Find and hire the right people and talents even though they did not graduate from fancy colleges or universities.

2. Be competitive. Check what your competitors do. Especially to concentrate on what they are doing right.

3. Be innovative. Think about how you can make new trackways or concepts adapt to your own good and modify it for your purpose.

4. Have your own target. Commit to what you want to do and do whatever you can to achieve your goal.

5. Everything has two sides. Everybody is facing their own problems. If bad things happen today, that means it is time to think big and grow bigger based on the experience you had.

I know there is always a little gloss and fiction to every biography, but there is enough sheer business wisdom - regardless of industry - to make this a worthy read. The language is folksy, making it a light one to bring on vacation or to read after a long day at work. Full stars to Hank Funk on this one.

's review

This book of Hank Funk talks about how he started his business at a very young age and developed his way up to success when he got older. Through his persistence and dedication, he managed to find ways to overcome challenges with his family and his own accomplishments. He made a name for himself and expanded his store because of his vision combined with others as well.

It's always good to know how people started their life's journey. It inspires future generations who want to follow this path as well.

If you want to learn more about how a godly man can balance home, work, and service, The Price of My Dream is for you. The book is also written well and flows nicely. A must-read for anyone in the business!

's review

After reading this I feel like I almost knew him myself, not exactly the most exciting read but knowing how he created his legacy and getting his personal thoughts and perspective was very interesting.

He's someone I wish to meet.

He is honest, straightforward, and thorough in his narrative, which is full of wisdom about building a company - or at least a successful national retail chain. It's very obvious what his secrets to success were.

A lot of management lessons can be learned from this book. A good read for any business student, willing entrepreneur, and a person who wants to get ahead in life with hard work (a lot of hard work)!

's review

"I’m proud that I was one of the men that successfully used what was given to me. The uncertainties I faced in my life changed my values. I believe the ideas, thoughts, and attitudes I had that fell away left me a better person. What transformed me was a healthier attitude: serving without recognition. The adversities and the uncertainties served to bring me closer to a better place. Uncertainties became my friends, and I looked forward to implementing their outcomes."

The book is undoubtedly one of the best books I read in my life. The book clearly proves how much hard work and organization has to do in order to become one of the best. So many things to learn from the book that can be applied in our jobs and also in our lives.

There is no weak point that I can think of in this book it was great for me. Well, overall I recommend this book, not to just people who want to make money but also to people who also want to achieve something great; something extraordinary in life.

's review

Definitely an interesting insight into Hank Funk and his business practices. He sticks to very basic business principles to achieve his success, so nothing is enlightening revealed in the book. It's just a good read.

Like the autobiographies of other successful Canadians, it is not easy to relate to the events that have been narrated but the essence makes a lot of sense. The Cap-it founder also focuses on being passionate to the extent of being obsessive. He emphasizes the need to communicate with the partners which are true of any situation. Everyone yearns for appreciation and recognition of good work is something that needs to be practiced by the bureaucracy and can be a game-changer. All in all a readable book with loads of messages from a great businessman.

's review

Just finished reading this amazing book! Knowing Hank Funk, his love for retail and a life dedicated to improving Cap-it has been an exhilarating experience. I consider myself fortunate to know a little bit more about this amazing individual with heroic capabilities!

From the very beginning, Hank Funk found his niche in retailing. He committed to being the best at it, became a student of the game, and continued to leverage and leverage until he was the last man standing. The fodder of entrepreneurial success stories frequently consists of taking risks and seizing the opportunity. But in this simplified example, the most prominent idea comes into focus; success comes to those who set out to achieve something and do nothing but work towards that goal.

Don’t believe the bullshit you hear about people and companies. Find out about them for yourself.

You won’t be disappointed by this one.

's review

I'll tell you this: there is simply no excuse not to read this book if you're in any way, shape, or form remotely interested in business or work. Period.

Hank Funk is a man who had a vision that had two major characteristics: it was bold and constantly evolving.

His boldness came from a natural tendency to break the rules and experiment, even when Cap-it had become this successful retail company in Canada, and that's something to think about in our modern world where "disruption" is often touted as the second coming of whatever. Hank has a thing or two to teach to whoever seeks to innovate, especially when disruption often rhymes with "think big" in sometimes counterproductive ways.

So, read it. At some point or another in your life. It's a short read, well-written, quite sincere, and there's no way this man can't teach you (or at least reinforce) a lesson or two about business and life in general.

's review

Hank Funk the founder of Cap-it, was an incredible businessman and I was often reminded of the power of books throughout each chapter in this amazing book.

The book is a little too long for my liking, probably because I'm not in retail. However, I am a business owner running a digital agency and so found so many useful things in this book that I will be applying to my life and business.

The writing style was also incredible. It felt like Funk was talking directly to the reader. For example this passage:

'I had changed, and what I had noticed the most was my attitude. The years of anguish and disappointment had left their marks on me. I had become resentful, bitter, jaded, and even lost my confidence. I was sabotaging my own dreams at a point because I didn’t really think I deserved to succeed. Have you heard the term stinking thinking?'

Throughout I found the writing style easy to understand and enjoyed it.

As I've only just finished reading, I've still got to go through and review my highlights then compile them into lessons I can learn from. I'm strict in what I highlight so I can take away the most important lessons, however, I highlighted 47 sentences throughout this book which already tells me what a valuable book it's been.

I'm looking forward to picking up and reading this again in the future to see what other things I can pick up and make use of in my life.

's review

Useful and (unexpectedly) quite a compelling book.

It won't be wrong to say that Hank Funk is the best businessman, the world is ever going to see. That's solely due to his belief and vision of doing something for the common people. An acute example of an ethical being, the practices he employed and his way of selling were seriously impressive. Although they weren't high-profile ideas or things as the result of some extensive search, it worked. Every single time.

The culture (can there be a better example of company culture), the openness (giving people the power to have a say), the profit-sharing (let someone believe that his/her dreams are achievable), the transparency, that eagerness to do good and to push people to employ ethical and kind means to serve others - they are highly praise-worthy.

You can probably read it like a story and get awed by the different techniques the man employed and his way of thinking.

's review
Read 2 times

Funk does a truly amazing job going through his journey of building Cap-it really from nothing.

The fundamental way his competitive traits carried over into his business was obvious and that alone is the reason Cap-it has become so successful. Hank Funk truly models to me what an entrepreneur is.

A selfless, motivating fellow that is the best retailer to ever have lived. I always knew Cap-it didn't beat their competition through what you may think would be common items, things like paying less for goods. He beat them throughout competing and doing everything better. It's amazing to know that Hank's ability to constantly improve and continue to provide a better customer experience fundamentally is the reason Cap-it out-shined and out-lived most of their competitors as they continue to do that today. Out of all the entrepreneurs, business managers, owners, financiers i've read about, I really think Funk is the guy I'd want to meet and talk with the most.

He's truly one of a kind.

's review

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this one. This is a unique business book because it reads more like an autobiographical novel than your typical how-to that you find in the Business sections of book stores. It's not until right at the end that you actually receive some structured checklists on things to keep in mind when running a business.

The Price of My Dream is as inspiring as it seems Hank Funk was in real life, understanding the underlying philosophies that Funk held whilst building his company is really at the heart of what's so great about this book. This book focuses more on big themes like keeping the customer first, learning from competitors, and thinking small as you grow - themes that were pillars to his success.

I recommend this book, even if you have zero interest in retailing or entrepreneurship. There are a lot of values that you can learn from Hank Funk.

's review

A must-read book to understand "Retail business" from the best man.

Although halfway through the book and I was not very impressed. I don’t know why. I continued to read on and it changed everything. What Hank Funk has achieved in a lifetime is absolutely phenomenal. He shares his journey and the challenges openly and also shares how he dealt with them.

His story is a story of determination, passion, and hard work. He does not mind handling several negative perceptions regarding himself or the company he founded. If you want to enhance your business acumen and that too in a very interesting way, this book will help you with that.

Highly recommend this book for Entrepreneurs and business leaders.

's review
Read 2 times

Great autobiography of Hank Funk and the humble beginnings of Cap-it.

The author's short simple writing makes the book read as if Hank Funk is talking directly to you.

His enthusiasm for retail is staggering. He really loves everything about "retailing". I had never before considered the fact that retail could be a passion for someone, but it definitely was for Hank Funk.

'I always had the belief that if God is for you, you can set up your business in the desert, and it will succeed. My success in business and in life will either prove this or disprove it. There have been many times that I had to ask myself, Was God really in this dream of mine? Or was it just my desire? Years passed with no definite answer. As always. Seldom we do get the confirmation we are looking for when we think we need it.'

It is not a complete guide, but a collection of bits and pieces of ideas from one remarkable businessman.

's review

I've learned so much from Funk over the course of my career, but never understood the full story of how he started Cap-it. This book taught me about the tenacity and focus on the quality that goes into building a company.

You don’t have to be a business buff to enjoy The Price of My Dream. Hank Funk tells the story of the birth of Cap-it. From an entrepreneur’s point of view, I enjoyed picking the business lessons from the story, but there’s a lot more story, people, and characters than their business takeaways.

I got really emotional as the story reached the end.

Strongly recommended to anyone who is interested in knowing how great things are done.

's review

I've started it and almost dropped it thinking this will be another book to brag about achievements, boy oh boy! would have missed listening to a wonderful story. I've started reading essentially because you get to live a thousand lives as someone said and this turned out to be just that.

This book was really inspirational and I think that it's a great book for people that would want to do business in the future or if they just need some inspiration. People's accomplishments always amaze us and we praise and remember people for their achievements but we never look on the other side.

The side of failure. Mistakes. Grit. And most importantly, hope. What we don't see is all the teamwork, determination, and hard-working people and the effort that was put into Rover Recreation Centre, the former company name. That is what Cap-it, what we now know as the genuine trackware, is made up of.

's review

Reading this book has been one of the most effortless experiences I have had in a while. The narrative grips you within the first few pages, and it is impossible to put it down once you've started it.

Hank Funk's enthusiasm about truckwares, about his company, is so contagious that you find yourself rooting for him in no time. His enthusiasm coupled with his engaging writing style is able to transform you into his world in the 70s. Through the book, you feel that you're living the ordeal will him.

I also loved the self-awareness with which he writes the book. Through the book, there are multiple instances of him owning his mistakes, his limitations, and his regrets in life.

I will have to agree that there are times in the book where some incidents seem overdramatized to keep the narrative upbeat and engaging. That being said, as a reader I didn't seem to mind it much!

's review

Very pleasantly surprised at the power of this book!

No co-author, apparently, and he certainly does not need one. The writing is impassioned, concise, and insightful. Brought me back to the early to mid '70s when I worked for a small consumer truckware firm in northern America, the same period in this tale. Many of the incidents were similar - young, spirited individuals taking on an established industry and blazing a trail through a dint of innovation, dedication, and hard work. I later moved on to more "corporate" firms and financial planning but those days are firmly in memory and I can truly say those years were definitely part of my life's highlight reel in terms of what I could accomplish with a group of like-minded souls.

I would recommend this book to anyone considering taking entrepreneurial flight if only to foretell a taste of how tough it can get and how rewarding it can be when it works.

's review

This is by far the best book written by a business person I've ever read. It's smart, exciting, and is full of amazing life lessons.

I was afraid that this book would only be interesting to truckers, I was very wrong. This book should be a catechism for anyone who has a dream. Mr. Funk brilliantly shares his story of being the founder of Cap-it, through his exploits you will laugh out loud and cry as well. It is a good source for how to start a business, what not to do as well what to do for entrepreneurs. But what I was most touched by was his real understanding of the human spirit. Love this book and will be recommending it to all my friends and book club.

's review

This book was a real surprise. I had expected to read a boring account of a company's growth story and a regular epithet on entrepreneurship. But it turned out to be an emotional ride from start to end. For me, this read was even more personal because I know and have worked with a very similar entrepreneur and as I write this review I am leaving the company.

Also, I had expected the book to be written by someone else at the behest of Mr. Funk but I was pleasantly surprised again. What followed was a real emotional heart-wrenching account of a real person going after his calling as his life depended on it. The author doesn't advise, doesn't caution you about entrepreneurship, and in general doesn't give you a lecture on ways to be successful. He just tells you his story with all its ups and downs, with all his strengths and weaknesses, with all the successes and failures of his efforts (in fact he recounts more failures and flukes than successes and of course you already know what a great store Cap-it is).

One of the best books I have ever read. Highly recommend it!

's review
Read 2 times

I don’t generally write reviews but this is by far the best memoir I ever read. I cried my eyes out as I could relate to a lot of business mistakes and situations.

If you have your own business or currently have a business I highly suggest reading it or listening to it if audible is available. Success comes after a lot of hard work and when I was little I always thought that some people are blessed and that success comes easy which is not true at all.

Everyone interested in business must read this. This is a journey with very humble beginnings that turn out to be extraordinary. I thought I'll write what I've learned from the book but I've learned so much that it's impossible to pour in a few words. Go read it. You'll love it.

's review

Fascinating story about Cap-it and its founder! Read a book in a few days and the story is unforgettable! The plot is truly captivating and it strikes you even more once you remind yourself that it is actually a REAL story. Written in a simple and easy to read manner, somehow it touches you deeply and gets you thinking about purpose.

'Our goal was honorable. It was not for riches or for an easier life but a way that we could help others. Many a future day would come when I would search my heart for any other motive that might have been hidden, especially the days when things were not so good.'

The best book I've read this year, by far. Honest, fun, interesting, engaging, based on a true story.

What else can you imagine getting from the book? I really enjoyed reading this book, I have a strong feeling that there will be a movie based on it soon.

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