Single Light Wiring Kit (DRL Backlight 12v)


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Single Light Wiring Kit (DRL Backlight 12v)
Triple-R Lights subsidiary of Lazer Lamps UK

The ideal solution for wiring Triple-R high performance LED lights, which also feature integrated DRL or Backlight function. The setup is quick, easy, and reliable with 3-pin superseal connector and no configuration procedures. The kit features a 12V relay (in waterproof housing), 20A fuse, a battery terminal at one end, and 1.2m of flex on the lamp cable, and allows for the operation of Triple-R lights either in parallel with the standard lighting on the vehicle, and/or via an independent switch (for high beam function) which can be mounted inside your vehicle.

All Triple-R lights are sold with a pre-wired female connector attached to the male connector of the lamp harness, to facilitate wiring in to your vehicle system.

  • One-Lamp Wiring Kit for Triple-R lights with integrated DRL / Backlight function
  • 1.2m cable length
  • Includes 12V relay and 20 amp fuse
  • Superseal connections
  • Includes optional on/off switch for independent operation of high beam
  • Braided cable sections for added protection in engine bay

Compatible with:

  • LR-750
  • LR-850
  • LR-1000
  • LR-1250
  • Linear-12 Elite (with DRL)
  • Linear-18 Elite (with DRL)

Sentinel (Standard with DRL)

Optimised for use with all LR Series LED lights or ST4 Evolution lig

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