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NACHO Quatro Spot Beam Output - Ideal For Down The Road Visibility - Size 4" - Pair

🌟 NACHO Quatro Spot: The Nacho Fiesta for Your Ride's Vision! 🚗🧀✨

Get ready to ignite the road with the compact dynamo that is the NACHO Quatro Spot! These bad boys pack a punch, delivering a whopping 120 watts of combined power. With a luminosity that'll make the stars jealous—10,820 lumens—and an eye-popping 212,000 candela, they turn night into day with style.

And let's talk control! You're the boss with these lights. Want to feel all stealthy? Switch to low power and engage the lower LEDs. Ready to light up the entire universe? Crank it up to high power and watch all six LEDs do their dance.

Forced Induction Lighting: Breathing Coolness 🌀❄️

But wait, there's more! Say hello to the Quatro's outer body—Forced Induction lighting! These lights aren't just about looking sleek; they're about maximizing airflow, ensuring they stay cool and perform at their best. They breathe in from the front and exhale coolness out the back, keeping the performance turbocharged.

TRL (Trail Running Light): Safety and Style 🛣️🌟

TRL, aka Trail Running Light—this isn't your average feature. It's the magic touch for off-road enthusiasts. It's like having your own light show while ensuring everyone sees you without being blinded. Safety and style, all in one neat package!

Covers: The Toppings 🎨🔒

Oh, and the covers? They're like the nacho toppings! Amber and smoke covers to protect or switch up the light's output color—easy to install and made tough with polycarbonate material.

Rugged Durability: Made to Conquer 💪🔧

These lights are tougher than tough. With an IP68 rating, they scoff at dust and water, letting you splash through rivers and conquer dusty trails without breaking a sweat. Rain or shine, these lights have your back.

Vibration & Impact Resistance: Built to Last 🛤️🛡️

Rough trails? Bring 'em on! These lights laugh in the face of vibrations with their J575 rating. Endless washboard roads? Pfft, child's play. They're here to stay, shining through the roughest terrains. And durability? You betcha! They've gone through the wringer with impact-resistant lenses and covers.

American Born, Lifetime Warranty 🇺🇸🔐

Where do these heroes hail from? Straight outta Mesa, AZ! Engineered, tested, built, and shipped—all from their American base. Worried about defects? Fear not! These lights come with a lifetime warranty. If there's a manufacturing hiccup, they've got your back.

So, rev up your ride with the NACHO Quatro Spot and unleash the nacho-powered brilliance on the road! 🧀✨


1 Serving Per Containter

Serving Size 2 Lights
Product Quatro Spot
Candela 212,000
Effective Lumens 10,820
Raw Lumens 14,400
Watts 120
Amp Draw @ 14vdc 9
Input Voltage 10-16VDC
Product Size 4"
Weight lbs 1.2 ea


Package Contains:

  • (2) Quatro LED Lights,
  • (2) Bracket kits with hardware,
  • (2)Amber and Smoke lens covers.


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