Old Man Emu MT64 Suspension Kit for 4Runner (GEN5)


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fits: 2010-2023 Toyota 4Runner (Gen 5)

Get more out of your 4Runner with an MT64 suspension kit. Comes with application valved MT64 shock absorbers that offer the best in balanced performance for on and off-road use. Multiple snap-ring grooves in the strut body allow for different spring seat positions, providing 2.5 inch of lift when paired with the Old Man Emu coil springs. Smooth controlled ride for everyday and long-distance driving to reduce fatigue and improve driver and passenger comfort.

ARB MT64 Shock Absorber Features - Cap-it Canada


This highly engineered shock absorber and strut range represents an all-new segment for the brand and an unmatched customer experience, both on and off-road. Its moniker derives from the internal monotube design using an enormous 64mm (2.5 in) inner bore diameter.

These cutting-edge shocks are built to handle the unique challenges faced by vehicles equipped with campers, toppers, tents, and rack systems. These additions create a dynamic shifting load, both in terms of front-to-back and side-to-side movements. The MT64 shocks are engineered to provide exceptional performance and stability, allowing drivers to confidently navigate any terrain.

MT64 is the ultimate overlanding authority, designed for the traveler who wants a smooth ride and comfort both on and off-road. Overlanding demands shocks that can handle all conditions, day after day and that is what MT64 is designed to do.

REDINEMENT IN RIDE  The massive 2.8 inch body allows for more oil and bigger piston and shim stacks, to reduce heat providing more control through the stroke giving a more refined ride

DURABLE CONSTRUCTION  Featuring the same aerospace grade aluminum as our high-performance BP-51 to dissipate heat effectively, the MT64 also boasts a 7/8 inch piston rod shaft for exceptional stability

COMPREHENSIVE COMFORT  In addition to smoother everyday comfort, MT64 is designed with a hydraulic end zone top out, which provides added padding at the shock’s full extension, to compensate for any unexpected bumps

ADJUSTABLE RIDE HEIGHT FOR DIFFERENT LOADS  Utilizing ridges on the body of the shock, MT64 features an adjustable spring seat with 6 positions in 5mm increments, which allows for one coil spring to cater for added accessory weights


Standard Kit includes (MT64RRS)

  • MT64901007 (x2) - Front Struts (Med)
  • MT64601009 (x2) - Rear Shocks (Med)
  • 4007 (x1) - Coil Springs Front
  • 2895 (x1) - Coil Springs Rear
  • OMETH002 (x2) - Top Hat

Heavy Kit includes (MT64FJC4H)

  • MT64901007 (x2) - Front Struts (Med)
  • MT64601010 (x2) - Rear Shocks (Hvy)
  • 4007 (x1) - Coil Springs Front
  • 2896 (x1) - Coil Springs Rear
  • OMETH002 (x2) - Top Hat

 *Looking to for different combination such as standard of front and heavy in the back...we can do that. ;)  Click "Chat" and we'll be happy to help you dial in your kit. 

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