M-Series IceCube Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezer - 65L


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M-series IceCube Portable Dual Zone Fridge Freezer - 65L
by Ironman 4x4

The ultimate long-trip touring companion is a dual-zone fridge freezer. The 65L dual-zone fridge freezer combines two independently controlled zones, either of which can be set within the temperature range of 57.2°C to -0.4°C.

This provides the greatest versatility, one fridge/one freezer, two fridges or two freezers. The smaller compartment offers 27.5L, while the larger compartment offers 37L of storage.

A great feature of the dual-zone fridge is the ability to isolate compartments, meaning you can completely turn off either compartment when not in use. This is perfect when you are nearing the end of a road trip, and condensing all your food and drinks, while conserving energy at the same time.


The M-Series IceCube Fridge Freezer range is a package designed with durability, reliability, usability, and practicality at the forefront!

Not only is the compressor and fridge quality outstanding, it also has creature comforts to make your experience better. See the details as follows:


Each M-Series IceCube Fridge Freezer can be powered by either 12/24V DC or 110-240V AC power supply, making them suitable for use at home, on powered caravan sites, or powered directly from your 12V vehicle system or remote battery solution such as the Ironman 4×4 Titan 500 Power Pack.

While utilising 12V, it is important to be able to protect the supply battery source. All fridges offer a 3-stage battery protection setting to ensure that once the battery hits a determined threshold, the fridge will stop drawing any further power. High 11.7V, Med 10.7V, Low, 10.2V.

A nice added little feature is the two 5V 2.1Amp USB-A outlet for charging your devices directly from the fridge.

Ironman4x4 M-Series LCD Power


The compressor is the main engine room of your fridge, it is the most critical component to ensuring you have a fridge that cools down and offers great refrigeration efficiency.

Our Ironman 4×4 12V compressor fridges operate on a Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor; one of the most renowned and trusted compressors in the portable fridge freezer game. And because of this, we can offer a five-year warranty on the compressor in your fridge.

Peace of mind for longevity in your adventures.

Ironman4x4 M-Series App


Featuring Bluetooth technology, these 12V fridges can be both monitored and adjusted via the Ironman 4×4 Smart Fridge Remote App available for download on both Android and iOS. Via your smartphone’s interface, you will be able to monitor the current temperature/s as well as remotely control the temperature, compressor speed and battery protection settings.

Download the IceCube Fridge Freezer Smart Fridge App by selecting your device type below.


Included in every M-Series IceCube Fridge Freezer, the Protection Cover is designed to protect the fridge from dirt, dust and damage, keeping the fridge looking brand new.

The cover is simply wrapped around the fridge using the included Velcro and tape to hold the sides in place.

Each cover is designed to suit the specific style and size of the fridge, providing access to all controls, displays, vents and full opening lids.

Ironman4x4 M-Series Protective Case Included


  • Included protective cover to protect from the elements
  • Smartphone App for controlling the fridge remotely
  • Renowned and trusted Secop compressor
  • Powered by 12/24V DC or 110-240V AC power supply
  • 3 -stage battery protection when connected to 12V
  • Two 5V 2.1Amp USB-A outlets for charging your devices
  • Included storage baskets for easier packing and access
  • Internal drain plug for easier cleaning
  • Door alarm to alert when the fridge lid has not been closed correctly
  • Internal light for better visibility at night
Can Capacity: 89
Capactiy: 65L (68qt)
External Dimensions (L x W x D): 31.5" x 18.5" x 18.7" (800 x 470 x 475mm)
Internal Dimensions (L x W x D):

Zone 1: 8.4" x 14" x 14.2" (213 x 355 x 360mm)
8" x 14" x 5.3" (203 x 355 x 135mm)

Zone 2: 8.4" x 14" x 14.2" (213 x 355 x 360mm)

Weight: 64lbs (29kg)
Power Connections: AC 110-240V / DC 12-24V
Power: 55W
Current Draw:

12V 4.5A / 24V 2.2A

Power Consumption (Empty Cabinet set 37.4°F at 89.6°F Ambient): 1.1Amp / Hr
Compressor Model: SECOP PBC 2.5
Insulation Thickness (Hi-Density Polyurethane Insulation):

2" (51mm) Lid / 2.2" (55mm) Walls / 2.1" (53mm) Base

Cooling Range: 57.2°C to -0.4°C

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