Küat Piston Pro Bike Rack


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Küat Piston Pro Bike Rack

The Piston® Pro features some of the same great features as The Piston® Pro X minus a few bells and whistles. Features like all metal construction, OneTap hydro-pneumatic tire arms that make no contact on the bike frame, and tool-free wheel chock slides.

But don't worry, this thing still sings.

  • All metal construction
  • OneTap hydro-pneumatic tire arms
  • No frame contact
  • Patented FastFit tool-free wheel chock system
  • Patented PedalPivot
  • Patented Flatlock hitch cam
  • No Worries Limited Warranty
  • 2 – Bike capacity (Add-ons Available)
  • 67 lbs. per tray on 2” 2-bike, 60lbs. for 1.25” version
  • 42 lbs. per tray on chassis mounted RV hitch
  • 53” Max wheelbase
  • 5” Max tire width


The Piston Pro is 98% metal and ready to take on all the adventure you can throw at it. Top it off with class-leading coatings for unforgiving conditions in both day-in and day-out commutes and epic road trips alike.


Our patented hydro-pneumatic OneTap levers make loading your bikes easy, and fun. Hit the levers and watch as the cradle arms open automatically into position.


Touchless arms grab the tires, avoiding contact with the bike frame keeping your bike secure and your paint pristine.


Our patented Flatlock hitch cam keeps things stable and its tamper-resistant head keeps it secure. Plus, we’ve added a stainless steel hitch lock for double security and additional peace of mind.

Why choose us?

Cap-it philosophy

We strive to offer the best in truck accessories and outdoor gear to enhance your adventures, and enjoyment of the journey.

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