Küat Piston Pro Add-Ons


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Küat Piston Pro Add-Ons

Transform your bike-carrying capability from two to three bikes or two to four bikes in a blink of an eye. A fraction of the time it takes your friends to settle on who gets to ride shotgun.

When you're ready to double up the excitement, effortlessly add up to two extra riders using our 1-Bike or 2-Bike Add-Ons. The user-friendly modular design makes attaching the additional trays a no-brainer. THE PISTON® Pro Add-Ons, taking you AND your crew to the adventure.

  • All metal construction
  • OneTap™ hydro-pneumatic tire arms
  • No frame contact
  • Patented FastFit™ tool-free wheel chock system

The Piston Pro Add-Ons install on to Piston Pro bike rack (sold separately)

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We strive to offer the best in truck accessories and outdoor gear to enhance your adventures, and enjoyment of the journey.

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