ARB Recovery Snatch Strap 33000 lbs


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ARB Snatch Strap 33000 lb

4WD vehicle recovery is an inescapable element of driving off road. Preparing yourself for the inevitable before heading to the backcountry will ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your passengers. ARB's 4x4 recovery gear is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards, making it ideal for recreational use as well as competition.

A snatch strap, as the name suggests, is used to ‘snatch’ a vehicle that can no longer maintain forward momentum under its own power. ie. Bogged or unable to climb due to loss of traction, swamped in a water crossing, stuck on an obstacle or loss of power. A snatch strap is an elastic recovery device that stores kinetic energy and has the ability to stretch to a significant degree and return to its original length. This elasticity combined with the momentum of the recovery vehicle creates a ‘snatching’ effect that can extract a vehicle without shock loading the attachment points or vehicle.

  • Specifically Designed To Stretch Under Load For Maximum Performance, An Snatch Strap Is A Very Effective Method Of Extracting A Bogged When A Second Vehicle Is Present
  • Elasticity In A Snatch Strap Is What Makes It Such An Essential Piece Of Recovery Gear
  • Kinetic Energy Generated By The Elasticity Aids With The Recovery Itself, While At The Same Time Reducing The Likelihood Of Vehicle Damage
  • Limited 2 Year Warranty

  • Specifications:

    • Breaking Strength (LB): 33000 Pound
    • Length (FT): 30 Foot
    • Width (IN): 4-1/8 Inch
    • Material: Nylon
    • End Type: Loop
    • Color: Orange
    • Includes Sleeve: No
    • Breaking strength: 33,000 pounds
    • Length: 30 feet
    • Width: 4.33 inches
    • Elasticity: Genuine 20 percent
    • Material: 100 percent nylon
    • Reinforced eyes: Yes
    • Eye and seam protector sleeves: Yes
    • Tested by a NATA approved laboratory
    • Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty

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