Alu-Cab HD Load Bars for Thule Top Tracks

LB-1450-B + S-LB-FEET-STD + 2x B222-BP

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Alu-Cab HD Load Bars for Thule Top Tracks

The perfect solution to mount Alu-Cab HD Load Bars on Cap-it Bulldog & LEER canopies with Thule Top Tracks* pre-installed.

*this kit does not include Thule Top Tracks (which can be purchased separately) 

****Trimming of the t-heads that slide into the top tracks may be required for optimum fit****

The advantage of an Alu-Cab load bar (vs others) is the immediate access to all Alu-Cab accessories that are specifically engineered and extruded to work alongside Alu-Cab products. They are incredibly strong (440lb static load rating per bar) and boast a unique bolt slot pattern which makes our load bars unique to other bars on the market.  

The Alu-Cab HD Load Bar offers 3 points on the bar where you can slide an 8 mm bolt or nut into. This opens up a number of opportunities to be able attach products to the bar with added strength. This opens up a number of opportunities to be able attach products to the bar with added strength.

This Load Bar Kit is supplied with a pair of bars, a set of 4 feet and 2 sets of T-Bolts designed to attach the Alu-Cab HD Load Bars to Thule Top Tracks.

Included Parts List:

Choice of Alu-Cab Load Bar Length

  • 1 pair of 1,450mm Load Bars [LB-1450-B] *most popular   
  • 1 pair of 1,250mm Load Bars [LB-1250-B]

Choice of Alu-Cab Feet Height

  • 1 set of Standard Profile 40mm Feet [S-LB-FEET-STD] *most popular
  • 1 set of High Profile 60mm Feet [S-LB-FEET-HP] *required for Table Slide Brackets
  • 1 set of Low Profile Feet [S-LB-FEET-LP]

Rhino Rack T-Bolt Kit to attach the Alu-Cab HD Load Bar Feet to the Thule Top Tracks

  • 2 packages of M8 x 15.6mm Rectangular T-Bolts [B222-BP]


As one becomes more familiar with the Alu-Cab product range so you will better understand that when fitting our products to your truck you will see that so much of what we design has the ability to integrate with our other products. This is really great when adding to your gear as it can adapt so easily.

Add on options:

  • Alu-Cab Roof Top Tents, Awnings & Shower Cubes
  • Alu-Cab Table Slide Mount Brackets
  • Alu-Cab Roof Trap
  • etc



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