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Cupboard with Kitchen Kitting for Alu-Cab Canopy

After fitting your new canopy some of the first accessories we recommend adding to your canopy are cupboards.

What makes our canopy cupboards a great addition to your canopy is that you are utilising the area of the canopy that is normally wasted or most likely a jumbled mess of packing space.


The equipped kitchen cupboard that caters for 4 adults. Geared with some of the vital basic essentials for catering for 4, it works brilliantly to service most of your essential needs when camping in the bush.

Your utensils are secured firmly in place and at your disposal as soon as required. We always recommend it’s fitted to the passenger side of the vehicle so that when stopping on the road side for that quick lunch snack it keeps you out of the way of passing traffic.


  • 4 x stainless steel mugs
  • 1 x spatula
  • 4 x stainless steel tumblers
  • 1 x large plastic container
  • 3 x small plastic container
  • 1 x bread knife
  • 1 x steak knife
  • 1 x pot
  • 4 x plastic bowls
  • 4 x platters
  • 1 x cutlery bag including cutlery

(4 x teaspoons, 4 x tablespoons, 4 x forks, 4 x knives)

  • 1 kettle
  • 1 x chopping board

*Pan and spices not included.
Side Prep Table sold 


Approximately 11kg (including canopy cupboard), 6.5kg (kitchen kitting only)


Kitchen Cupboard Dimensions:

750 mm L  x 440 mm H   x 275mm  W


Cap-it is the Alu-Cab Exclusive Distributor for Western Canada
Made in South Africa 🇿🇦 | Imported direct to Canada 🇨🇦

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We strive to offer the best in truck accessories and outdoor gear to enhance your adventures, and enjoyment of the journey.

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