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COMBAR™ Titanium Outdoor Tool

COMBAR™, Winner of the Red Dot 2019 award, is a powerful patented outdoor tool for chopping, splitting, digging, and hammering. Combining essential age-old tools with cutting-edge technology, it has a rigid shaft and a solid head, which combines a first-of-its-kind folding axe blade with a spade and hammer. In addition, the hollow, glass-reinforced polymer shaft contains a storage capsule designed to house personalized, mission-specific kits.


The COMBAR™ built with an uncompromising selection of materials, including 6AL-4V titanium, hard-anodized aluminum, and 420J2 stainless steel; each element has been crafted expertly. The engineering of the basic version is based on extensive experience and designed especially for outdoor enthusiasts.

Folded, the COMBAR™ takes less space than a rolled-up newspaper, its lightweight and compact size make it easy to transport and stow. It offers optimal performance for a wide range of uses, be it at home or outdoors. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman or casual camper, the COMBAR™ will become the grab-and-go tool you always dreamed of.


To meticulously fuse the essential tools into a sturdy unit that can outperform any task, the COMBAR™ shaft has an unbreakable design. The body comprises a high-end glass-reinforced polymer and an over-molded head for the strongest, safest head & shaft connection.

The textured ergonomically shaft offers excellent grip and control while using the hatchet, spade, or the hammer, even when swinging with greater force.

The COMBAR™ shaft is long enough for holding it with two or one hand and ideal for use on your hands and knees. It provides you a feeling of confidence like a full-sized axe or entrenching tool, yet packable enough for toting into the wilderness.

The COMBAR™ engineering has been tested to exceed U.S. standards for striking tools' durability to withstand the most challenging environments.

COMBAR overall specs


A heavy, full-size axe is overkill for most outdoors people, who usually only need a big enough hatchet blade to accumulate campfire kindling, trimming small branches, etc.

When unfolded, the COMBAR™ hatchet is a 5-inch-by-2.5-inch head. The hardened, sharp as a razor stainless steel blade packs enough power to chop thick wood sticks and split logs due to the wide cheek design. Although it is relatively light, the axe can also fall tree, thanks to its long handle and heavy, elongated head. 

When it's chopping time, the first-of-its-kind collapsible hatchet blade unfolds and locks into place. Then, when the job has been done, it folds to provide safe carrying and room-saving storage. It is advantageous in remote backpacking, where a hatchet is far more practical and less cumbersome than heavy and bigger ones.

COMBAR axe specs


The drain spade shape makes it a useful entrenching tool for digging or hoeing, in hard soil, snow or sand. The spade is made of solid Titanium and highly efficient to penetrate like a pick and easy to dig like a mattock.

You will find this next-generation E-tool indispensable in any field use, whether you get your vehicle unstuck, clearing a campsite, digging a pit for a campfire, or rain ditches around your tent. Thanks to the handle length, the trowel is perfect for detailed land tasks or small space excavation. You will also find it perfect for gardening.


It would be best if you didn't use a rock to hammer at the campsite for the same reason you don't do it at home. It is not a matter of comfort - It is all about safety and efficiency. The COMBAR™ hammer pad is made of hardened stainless steel and designed to quickly hammer tent pegs and wooden stakes. The pattern on the hammer allows traction and friction for various fieldwork tasks – like beating tree bark to create strips of fiber as tinder and even smashing rocks when needed.

COMBAR spade and hammer specs


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