Siberia Harness Adapter DT-4 to DT-2


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Strands Siberia Harness Adapter 270438
Connection Converter DT-4 to DT2

This is the adapter needed to go between a Siberia light and a BrightSource relay harness. Β One adapter is required for each light.

The BrightSource wiring harness operates the main beam of the light only. Β The yellow and white wires on the adapter operate the dual white/amber position light. Β You will need to extend these two wires and install a separate switch to operate the position light. Β We do not supply extension wires or switches.

BrightSource harnesses are available for single lights or pairs.

BrightSource relay harness for single light: 72999
BrightSource relay harness for two lights: 73240

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