Silenus Roof Conversion | INEOS Grenadier

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Alu-Cab INEOS Grenadier Roof Conversion

We are excited to introduce our latest roof conversion, built specifically for the INEOS Grenadier! This innovative addition will expand the capabilities of the Grenadier, adding a new dimension to off-road adventures. This game-changing conversion, currently in research and design phase, will offer seamless integration and enhanced functionality with a modern aesthetic.


Embark on a journey of innovation with our all-new Grenadier roof conversion – the epitome of style and functionality. Be the FIRST to elevate your overlanding experience to unprecedented heights.

We are offering you an exclusive opportunity to be a pioneer in the world of exploration. Own the adventure, be the trendsetter, and redefine your journey with our cutting-edge Grenadier conversion.


We will be opening pre-order deposits for all interested customers to commit their interest. This will comprise a nominal fee ($500 🇨🇦).  Once the deposit is received, the pre-order will be allocated a serial number. 

Please keep in mind that the Grenadier Roof Conversion is still in R&D  – This is your initial glimpse into the future of adventure. We anticipate the arrival of the Grenadier Roof Conversion in Q3/4 2024.



Greek myths tell of Silenus, a jolly drunkard and companion to the wine god Dionysus. Though often pictured as an elderly satyr with a belly full of wine, Silenus was also said to be surprisingly wise. He balanced his love of revelry with deep knowledge, teaching Dionysus about life's pleasures like music, dance, and of course, wine. Silenus embodied the idea of embracing life's simple joys and indulging in a bit of merriment. Who better to represent Alu-Cab’s latest roof conversion for a simple, purpose built vehicle that was conceived in Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s favorite pub?

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