GO Area Camp Light


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Dometic GO Area Camp Light

Multi-use outdoor light, 8 colors

Elevate your outdoor adventures with Dometic's GLO-A400 Area Light, a multipurpose lighting solution that's designed to adapt to your needs. Use it as a convenient flashlight for mobility, switch to area light mode for broad illumination, and attach the lantern diffuser for a gentle and expansive glow.

  • Multifunctional; can be used as a flashlight, area light, or lantern, or USB-A powerbank
  • Adjustable brightness with peak brightness of 400 lumen
  • 8 different color options, including white, soft white, bug-mode amber, red, green, blue yellow, cyan, and purple. Plus party mode and SOS flashing white
  • The amber (bug mode) setting reduces insect attraction at camp
  • Compatible Bluetooth app provides full functionality
  • Long-lasting battery life (8 hours on the highest brightness setting); battery charges in 4 hours and includes charge level indicators
  • Party mode: slow fade through all colors
  • SOS Emergency Light Mode; Blinks an emergency warning flashing light

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