LT-50 Ladder Storage Bracket


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Alu-Cab LT-50 Ladder Storage Bracket

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The LT-50 Ladder storage bracket allows you to safely store your telescopic ladder on the roof of your LT-50 molle panel. This storage bracket can be used with the ladder in the bag or without. The bracket is universal and can accommodate either the larger 2.6 m  telescopic ladder or the 2.0 m telescopic ladder.

This kit allows you to safely store the ladder on the roof of your LT-50 with the Alu-Cab molle plate.

Please note: The LT-50 ladder is not to be stored inside the tent.
Please refer to the ladder instructions when making use of the telescopic ladder.

WEIGHT: 2.5 kg

DIMENSIONS: 520 x 160 x 115mm

Ladder bracket only - does not include the ladder (sold separately)

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