Titan 500W Portable Power Station


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Titan 500W Portable Power Station by Ironman 4x4

We all appreciate the benefits of a dual battery system in our 4WDs, however, there is something to be said for truly portable power!

This 51Ah Power Station brings all the benefits of lithium power, being lightweight and hugely efficient that you can take just about anywhere.

Having a portable power station featuring a 500W continuous pure sine wave AC inverter, MPPT Solar Regulator, 110V outlets, DC and up to 60W USB outlets provides a power solution like never before.

  • Tablets
  • TV'S
  • Phones
  • Laptops
  • Lights
  • Fridges
  • Fans
  • Cameras


  • Short term home power outage solution
  • Power your ‘camp office’. Take work from home, to work from anywhere
  • Energize the campsite with lighting and music
  • Run your TV and watch the big game camp-side
  • Real fridge portability; from the SUV, to the boat to the picnic grounds
li-on Icon

A LIGHTWEIGHT 51AMP HOUR LITHIUM BATTERY: Lithium batteries are lighter, last longer, charge quicker and are more eco-friendly.

The whole system weighs approx. 8kg, the equivalent lead acid battery alone would weigh more than twice as much!

Lithium allows you to use 100% of the battery power, whereas an equivalent lead acid or gel would only allow you to use 60%. The 51amp hours of lithium mean a complete 51amp-hours or 612 watt-hours.

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A 500W PURE SINE WAVE AC INVERTER WITH TWIN 240V AC OUTLET: An inverter allows you to plug in your 240V AC home appliances (up to 500W).

Think fans, lights, radios… even the TV… if you really don’t want to miss the big game! The Pure Sine Wave also provides protection for sensitive appliances such as laptop computers and fridges.

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1000W MAX OUTLET: The inverter will provide 500W continuous power supply output with a surge peak of 1000W.

USB Outlet Icon

12V AND USB OUTLETS: Here you can directly power your portable 12volt accessories such as your fridge, camp lights etc as well as charge your devices.

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INBUILT MPPT SOLAR CHARGING: Simply plug your solar panel or blanket directly into the power station 30A Anderson plug and utilise the inbuilt MPPT regulator to charge the battery. While larger panels can be used, input is limited to 120W.

LCD Display Icon

LCD DISPLAY: The LCD Display not only provides you information on the remaining capacity of your battery but also provides real time Watt input and output figures. Each output (AC, 12V, USB) can be switched on and off independently.


AC (Adapter): 8.5 Hours
DC (Car Cigarette Lighter): 16 Hours @ 12.0V
DC (USC-C/PD Port): Minimum 13 Hours
Solar (DC Port): Minimum 8.5 Hours @ 18.0V
Solar (30A Anderson Port): 7 Hours @ 18.0V
USB-A: 2 x 5V / 3.1A Maximum
USB-A (QC3.0): 1 x 5-12V (18W Maximum)
USB-C (PD): 1 x 5-20V (60 Maximum)
DC (5521): 2 x 12V / 5A (60W Maximum)
Cigarette Lighter: 1 x 12V / 10A (120W Maximum)
AC Outlets: 2 x 110V
DC Plug: 11-26V (96W Max Input)
30A Anderson Plug: 11-26V (120W Max Input)
LCD Screen Display Modes:

Input/Output Power, Battery Level, Battery
Temperature, Fan Status, Output Frequency,
Fault Protection Warning

Working Temperature:

Discharge: 0~113°F

Recharge: 0~104°F

DC Plug: 11-26V (96W Max Input)
30A Anderson Plug: 11-26V (120W Max Input)
12.7" L x 7.9" W x 8.9" H
(321.5mm L x 201.5mm W x 227mm H)

17.6lbs (8kg)

Material: ABS and PC Housing
Battery Cell Type: 26650 LiFeP04
Battery Lifetime: 2000 Cycles to 80% Capacity
Battery Capacity Ah: 51.17Ah (@12.0V DC)
Battery Capacity Wh: 614Wh (6S8P, 32Ah @19.2V)

*Charge times – refer to owners manual for details

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