BC Overland Rally 2024 (Sponsored by Cap-it)

At the British Columbia Overland Rally, we bring together some of the overland world’s top travelers, instructors, vendors, and a huge variety of individuals, couples, families and friends, who want to learn new skills, meet vendors, make friends, be inspired, win prizes, and have a great few days camping at the beautiful Heartland Ranch just outside Kelowna, BC.

Contact your local CAP-IT STORE for a 20% OFF Code

Online tickets available until July 7th, (after that you will need to buy them at the gate which is a little bit more expensive).

Fri. or Sat. day-pass: $85 (includes everything except camping)

Single Entry (full weekend all-inclusive, includes 20×20 camping space): $165

Family Entry (full weekend all-inclusive, includes 20×20 camping space): $305

Extra 20×20 camping space: $100 (in case you won’t fit in the standard 20×20).

Note: Family entry includes 2 adults and as many kids under 19 that you want to bring. Ticket includes all classes, camping, happy hours, trail rides, demos and raffle prizes.