ARB Solis LED Lighting


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ARB Solis LED Lighting


Filled with features, Intensity Solis driving lights are available in a Spot or Flood beam (SJB36SKIT SJB36SFKIT SJB36FKIT) which come with interchangeable red and black die-cast side bezels. New to the Intensity range is the Solis’ 5-stage dimmability function, while the introduction of a highly tuned single-piece reflector and 165 watts of OSRAM LED performance bring it to the top of the class in light output.

Not just a remarkable performer, Intensity Solis driving lights represent a value proposition that is worth considering if you’re looking to add some additional driving lights to your vehicle.


How you set up your driving lights should reflect the type of driving and terrain you are driving in. In areas of wide open land and fast roads such as Outback Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory, a set-up of two spot lights will give you the best throw of light reaching as far down those long straight roads as possible. For drivers who are predominantly in heavy bush with lots of winding roads such as the Victorian High Country, a set-up of two flood lights will fill the foreground, giving you great visibility to the side of the roads where roos like to hide and through the next close corner. For most drivers, however, the combination of one spot (driver’s side) and one flood provides the best of both worlds. The single spot throws a strong direct beam down the road over 1/2 mile, while the flood beam fills the foreground and roadside what is often considered the optimal driving light pattern and output.


The combination of 6x 10 watt and 30x 4 watt performance OSRAM LEDs with a highly tuned reflector design has brought the Intensity Solis to the top of the class in light output.

Measured as a pair of spot beams, the Solis boasts 1 lux @ 4796 feet. Individually, a single flood beam will achieve 1 lux @ 2391 feet while one spot beam has an impressive 3385 feet throw.

Lights this bright need some level of containment, which is why Intensity Solis lights are sold standard with a 5-stage dimmability switch.

This is perfect for when you’re approaching highly reflective road signs and is also really effective in low visibility scenarios (such as dust).

Solis LED Light Kit includes:

2 LED Solis Lights with mount
Wiring Harness
5-stage dimmability switch
Optional Black Lens Covers SJB36LENB (sold individual)

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