Alu-Cabin Dodge Ram 6.4ft Deluxe


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Alu-Cabin Dodgeย Ram 6.4ft Deluxe

A Full-Size Canopy Camper, which models the same modular design as the Canopy Camper, it just got bigger! The Alu-Cabin, now suited to fit the larger 5.5 and 6.5 Trucks.

Ram Truck Applicationsย 
Ram 1500 6.5 (2009 โ€“ 2018)
Ram 2500 + 3500 6.5 (2010 โ€“ 2022)

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  • Deluxe Modelย -ย Includes a shoe bag on roof, one light in the roof, one light under the bed, 3 lights at the doors, 2 stalk lights, a USB Port and wiring for a solar panel (Solar panel excluded). The Deluxe also includes the Canvas Mesh Bags at the rear panels, Canvas bags at the rear door, a set of rear molle plates and our 270โ€™ Shadow Awning (with the deflector)

ย Alu-Cabinย Features

  • An easy-access vertical door with heavy-duty hinges, and the ability to mount a 33โ€ณ spare-wheel (No need for an after-market rear bumper and wheel carrier).ย 
  • The vertical door solves the problem of dust entering through the tailgate.
  • Proprietary extrusions are used throughout the construction for a drill-free fitment
  • Tried and tested dual-layer canvas tent
  • Flip-away bed means ample headroom and standing space
  • Bedding remains in place whether the tent is open or closed
  • Roof rails to facilitate the mounting of various rooftop accessories
  • Side-access canopy doors
  • A zip down/roll up Fly Sheetย 

    Product Specifications

    • Dimensions:
      • Main Bed Section:ย 2075mm x 1225mm (81.6" x 48.22")
      • Rear Bed Section:ย 1225mm x 430mm x 1340mm (48.22" x 16.9" x 52.7")
      • Roof Bed Size:ย 2600mm x 1340mm (102.3" x 52.7")
      • Length:ย 2865mm (112.7") (3035mm/119.4" with wheel carrier)
      • Height:
        • Roof Closed:ย 1365mm (53.7")
        • Roof Open:ย 2520mm (99.2")
      • Width:ย 1600mm (62.99")
    • Weight:
      • Dry Weight:ย 210kg (462.9lbs)
      • Fully Kitted Weight:ย Approximately 250kg (551.1lbs)

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