Awning Mounting Brackets - Quick Release - Ironman 4x4


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Ironman 4x4 Awning Quick Release Mounting Brackets

The Ironman 4x4 Quick Release Mounting Brackets are design registered and manufactured in Australia, and are changing the way we use awnings.

  • Quickly reposition awning from drivers side to passenger side or to the rear of vehicle;
  • Easily swap awning from one vehicle to a different vehicle, or trailer
  • Store awning off the vehicle when not in use, or let it dry once you return home;
  • Mount other accessories, such as tradesman tools – shovels, PVC pipe, conduit carriers etc;
  • Mount your awning for use at home together with the Ironman 4x4 Awning Extra Hook Kit– as a shelter over a BBQ area, over the kids play area etc, making your awning multi use.


This product is NOT compatible with our DeltaWing 270Β° Awnings, it is only compatible with our Instant Awnings.

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